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My art career spans many different venues, industry, and medium.  I started out as a political cartoonist in college.  I professionally drew for daily and weekly newspapers in the early 1990’s until I discovered the technology to pursue my satire in the animation realm.  I moved to the west coast to pursue my animation studies at Cal Arts and then to work for the Cartoon Network, MTV, Disney Interactive, and Nickelodeon.  I continued with my independent films that were broadcast on MTV, PBS, the Independent Film Channel, Tech TV, and screened in film festivals in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and Sao Paulo.

Opened up for the Blues Legend Mac Arnold at the Deep Winter Blues Festival at the Hagood Mill, South Carolina
Jack o Diamonds, by David Donar

I perform  within the Piedmont Blues style that originated in the Southeastern region of the United States.  I learned from some of the greatest old time folk and blues players located in the foothill of Appalachia, South Carolina.   In addition to the guitar, I also play Cajun Accordion.  I continue to learn and perform with  group of talented folks in the Greater Toronto area, York Region.  I am inspired by  the style of country blues artists like Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Brownie McGhee, and old time country folk style of Doc Watson, Hank Williams Sr, and Jimmie Rogers.  I strive to embrace the tradition of these old time songsters and to continue this great tradition of music to a new generation of audiences.


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